Jadeite is a unique gem of the East, and is one of the two minerals that fall under the generic category of jade. Jadeite is renowned for its various colours and translucent varieties, and greatly admired for its tough and resistant nature. The jadeite is the most rare, and one of the most expensive varieties of jade, so it is regarded as the “Emperor of Jade”. 

Compared to other precious stones, diamonds and other gems, the jadeite is high-quality jade that is very scarce and difficult to obtain. Due to its rarity, the jadeite is very highly treasured and considered to be the most valuable gemstone.

Poh Kong’s Jadeite Collection consists mostly natural Grade A jade, without any artificial chemical treatment added to preserve its natural qualities and charming hues. As such, the jadeite has more potential of its value increasing over time. 

The Jadeite Collection from Poh Kong reflects jewellery of immaculate craftsmanship and distinctive quality. The intrinsic beauty and splendour of the jadeite shine through with tasteful embellishments of sparkling diamonds that complement each piece of jewellery, making it an item that is increasingly popular and in high demand. It also enhances the look and style of the wearer, even adding a touch of glamour.

Poh Kong’s Jadeite Collection – exquisitely beautiful, beyond elegance.

White Jadeite – crystal clear
Green Jadeite – calm and elegant
Purple Jadeite – pure and noble
Yellow Jadeite – charming and refined