Happy Love

Poh Kong’s Happy Love Collection signifies fate, the philosophy of Eastern culture that unites two mortals who are meant to be together, from their first encounter, to falling in love, to getting engaged, and finally spending their endearing lives together. The collection boasts elegant gold jewellery imbued with Oriental touches that speak of culture and rich tradition. Each masterpiece features intricate designs infused with romantic themes such as Auspicious Roses, Perpetual Lovers, Heavenly Lovebirds, Endless Happiness and others. The collection is also inspired by western elements but can be matched with traditional or even modern wedding dresses.

宝光“囍缘” 系列以东方哲学“缘分”为主轴,诠释了两人在茫茫人海中,从相遇、相爱、相许,及至相守一生的美好过程。这个充满东方文化意涵的黄金首饰系列,设计高贵典雅,可成为传家之宝。囍缘系列备有多个浪漫别致的主题,包括“囍缘玫瑰”、“龙凤呈祥”、“深情天鹅”、“欢囍连连”等,在突出东方婚庆主题之余,亦巧妙融入西方元素,层次感十足,搭配传统或现代婚纱都同样完美。