Fraud and Scam Alert

Online Shopping Scam

Poh Kong is aware of scam websites pretending to be a legitimate online seller that misuses Poh Kong's Name, Logo and Corporate identity.

The websites claim to be from Poh Kong Sunway to deceive people into buying from them with deliberately misleading sales technique. The fraudster will insist on paying for the product via cash on delivery. Please be advised that Poh Kong does not request payment in this manner. We also noticed that these sites share the same email address - [email protected] 

DO NOT purchase anything from the website or disclose your personal information. Always be cautious to avoid becoming a scam victim and alert the authorities immediately if you come across any suspicious websites.


Check out Poh Kong outlets and official online stores:

When in doubt, please contact us directly at 03-7940 3333.



We have received information about scams that use Poh Kong brand name, including gold investment scheme, phone scams and email scams. Hence, we have listed them here to alert the public.

If you happen to receive these fraudulent calls or emails or if you believe you have become a victim of the scam, please report to the authorities.

If you receive suspicious calls or emails, which are not listed here, please do NOT reveal any personal information, bank details or make monetary transactions to the sender. You may check the authenticity or share the details with us via an online feedback form at Contact Us on our website.

Poh Kong holds no responsibility and expressly disclaim any liability whatsoever for any loss, howsoever caused, that any person may suffer or incur arising from such activity.



Phone Scam

We have received numerous feedback from our customers as well as the public with regards to an SMS scam using Poh Kong’s name.
Via SMS customers are informed that their credit cards are being charged at Poh Kong outlet (namely Poh Kong Tesco Ampang) and urges them to call a bank number given in which the customers personal details and credit card details are then taken.
This SMS scam may also use different bank names or phone numbers
We would like to caution the public to be careful. If you receive such SMS asking you to call a number, don't do it! 
If you wish to confirm with your bank, make sure you call the right number

A phone scam is circulating around. The fraudulent call is generated by the so-called bank customer service using computer-generated voicemail to prompt for your IC number. The operator will then inform you that your credit card has a pending payment of RM3, 000 in Poh Kong KLIA branch or Poh Kong KLCC branch and your approval is required. Once you decline the payment, they would suggest you to report the case to Bank Negara by calling 03-27885051. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A FRAUDULENT ACT. Do not call this number or reveal any personal details to the operator, especially the security code of your credit card.


Gold Investment Scam

There are companies promoting gold investment schemes that claim to have relations with Poh Kong’s organization, founder or directors. 

There is an example which uses a group photo with Poh Kong’s founder or directors in its internal sales presentation to claim that this scheme or company is set up by so-called Poh Kong ex co-founder. 

All these allegations made about Poh Kong or its directors’ involvement in the gold investment schemes are completely false. Poh Kong did NOT authorized any third party or agency for such activities. Poh Kong gold bars, coins and other products are only sold at its retail outlets or online portal listed in the official website. 



E-mail Scam 

An overseas person has reported receiving an employment offer letter from Poh Kong and was asked to pay USD800 as refundable security deposit.

The fraudulent offer letter is shown below:


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