Lucky Charm Necklace 《幸运》项链

Lucky Charm Necklace 《幸运》项链

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As the unmissable jewellery to start a brand-new year, this Lucky Charm necklace is not only elegant and stylish but also cleverly conceived. In this collection of lucky charms, the Propitious Cloud (blue) means success; "Ruyi" (purple) means happiness; "Gourd" (red) means blessing; "Clover" (green) means luck, "Ancient Coins" (yellow) means wealth.

《幸运》项链不但设计雅致时尚,构思也非常巧妙,是不容错过的开运首饰。幸运项链的设计概念包含禄运(蓝)、喜运(紫)、福运(红)、幸运(青)、财运(黄)。幸运手链的古钱(黄)代表“招财进宝”、葫芦(红)“鸿运当头”、如意(紫)“事事如意”、祥云(蓝)“平步青云”、四叶草(青)则是“好运连连” 。


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