Happy Love Charm Collection 囍缘串饰系列

Happy Love Charm Collection 囍缘串饰系列

Pieces of a jigsaw puzzle form the shape of a heart, symbolising the pieces of memories shared by a couple to form the perfect love story. This design is inspired by an elderly couple who are happily in love, symbolising an everlasting love story that is timeless. The Happy Love Charm is also ideal to be worn by those who are single, as it offers them blessings that they will soon find their significant other.


这款串饰设计出了一种简单的幸福感,把俩人的承诺加在一起就有如一颗感恩的心, 平凡中带有甜蜜的快乐。圆形的串饰设计,加上简单的线条勾出温暖爱心,寓意爱情圆满, 一生一世。把一个个坠子串起来变成链,就是爱情成型,再也不分开的时刻。《囍缘串饰》也适合单身朋友佩戴,祈愿这一串串的祝福能让他们早日遇上好姻缘。

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