Latest Savings Craze: Gold Beans in Gold Piggy Banks

When I was a child, around my house corner there would always have this gold piggy bank as big as my head, and my parents would give us one of this piggy bank to save money. The shape of the gold piggy bank is round and tender, and it is very pleasing to look at them.  


Gold Piggy Bank

This special gold piggy bank uses 999 pure gold to create many different sizes of gold pigs, as small as the tip of little finger, and as big as a child's palm. I personally think that the version of both male and female piggy bank are very meticulous. The female gold pig is a classic version that we all saw before, the cute curly raised eyelashes. While the male gold pigs have two lovely lop ears. The lid on the pure gold piggy bank can be opened, allowing you to save like money aka gold beans! Of course, in addition of saving money, the gold piggy bank can also be used as a home decoration. The gold piggy bank can be placed in the nice Feng Shui place because the golden piggy bank has the meaning of gathering wealth in Feng Shui. Which is more conducive to the accumulation of wealth by the gold piggy bank.


Gold Beans

Recently, these golden bean had been really popular on the internet. For me this is my first time seeing so many various styles of 999 full gold beans, such as ingots, gold coins, star shapes, heart shapes, and of course the classic gold round beans. Now everyone is saying that saving gold beans is then new trend than saving money. After you have saved up some gold beans, you can take them to those gold shop and exchange them to a gold bracelets or gold notes. It was also mentioned just now that the lid of our gold piggy bank can be opened, which allows you to save a lot of your favorite golden beans inside. The round belly of the piglet symbolizes the accumulation of wealth and the image of abundance. It can keep the money for the owner and accumulate more. What you save is not gold beans, what you accumulate are wishes and wealth~


Currently the market is full of different design of gold piggy bank, but the classic one brings back the best memories of the past. The gold piggy bank is full of golden light, which symbolizes good fortune, brilliance and wealth. The gold piggy bank used to be a must-have mascot for every family, hoping it to bring good luck. Wait no more and snatch this super nostalgic solid gold piggy bank home now.