The Art of Auspicious is one of Poh Kong in-house gold jewellery brand which showcase a series of well-crafted masterpieces designed with Fengshui elements. The Collection uses premium quality gold and A-grade jadeite incorporate with meaningful designs, definitely adding a symbolic touch to your individual style. Each year the collection will be refreshed with new additions.

吉祥首饰系列是宝光自家金饰品牌,每件产品都含有风水的含义,经过手工精致的师傅的打造下,每件产品都栩栩如生。这吉祥首饰系列是由高品质黄金与 A 级玉而制成再添上不同祝福的设计。每一年,吉祥首饰系列都会添加新的产品。

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