ANGEL DIAMONDS, for the angel of your heart

Amongst the most brilliant and stunning diamonds, the ANGEL™ Diamond stands supreme, coveted by the discerning for its legendary beauty. And no wonder -  the finest cut and the most perfectly proportioned square diamond in the world, the ANGEL™ Diamond reflects Perfect Light and Pure Brilliance, making this exceptional diamond the ultimate symbol of true love and lifetime commitment.

ANGEL™ diamonds are cut by the world's finest diamond artisans utilizing one of the most advanced diamond cutting technologies. Extensive efforts and unique expertise are required to create the ANGEL™ diamond: only a small ratio of 300/1mil (or 0.03%) cutters can create the ANGEL™. It takes 4-5 times longer duration to cut an ANGEL™ diamond compared to a generic diamond.



A Rare Beauty

The ANGEL™ diamond is rare and unique.
Out of 1 billion diamonds, only 15,000 (0.0015%) are ANGEL™ diamonds.


The Angel Outshines the Princess

Light Return Analysis determines how well a polished diamond returns light to the viewer. In the realm of square cut diamonds, the ANGEL™ Diamond outperforms the Princess Cut Diamond in terms of brilliance.

The ANGEL™ Diamond impresses with strong light return with almost NO light leakage. In comparison, the more common Princess cut with “tiny and multiple reflections” has a relatively weaker light return and significant light leakage. So when it comes to square diamond, the ANGEL™ Diamond is the brilliant choice!



Responsibly Sourced and Cut

ANGEL™ diamonds are responsibly mined, cut and polished under the most environmentally and socially responsible standards. Each diamond has a unique identification number laser etched on the gridle.


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