Rolling Riches Abacus Ring 《滚滚财源算盘》戒指

Rolling Riches Abacus Ring 《滚滚财源算盘》戒指


此款戒指设计以侧面左右各3 行、正面6 行共12 行算盘,再加上另外四粒古钱设计而成,寓意四方滚滚财源围绕着佩戴的人, 12 个月都有钱算。(福兆:招财)

This ring is designed with 3 rows of abacus beads on each side and 6 rows of abacus beads on the face, for a total of 12 rows of abacus beads. The design is further accentuated by four ancient coins to bless its wearer with accumulation of wealth from all directions. (Symbolism: Attract Wealth)

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