Schoeffel Collier Collection

Schoeffel Collier Collection

Scarlet Pearl Strand

Scarlet Pearls by Schoeffel are beaded Freshwater cultured pearls which are grown in south China. They represent one of the rare innovations possible in pearl cultivation. Unlike other Freshwater cultured pearls, only one pearl can be grown in each oyster. This explains their small harvests, which yield rare gems of exceptional quality and sought-after colour expression. Scarlet Pearls by Schoeffel come in a fascinating, unique range of luscious reds from bright crimson to deep violet and even metallic pink. The captivating range of previously unseen lipstick lustres also includes delicate rose pink and pastel shades of salmon, plus shimmering metallic bronze shades and hints of brown. Precious pearls kissed by colour.

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