Going on a Date? Liven up Your Style with 5 Jewellery Tips

Now is the time to go out with the one you've been waiting for forever to ask you out. However, we understand that matching jewellery with your attires can sometimes be tricky. It’s not a big deal anymore! We are here to expose you to the tip-top suggestions for accessorizing your outfits. Let's keep his eyes on you all night and make him fall under your spell with only dreams about you!


1. Balance your look

Balance is the key. No matter how many favourite pieces you want to wear on your first date or how much you love your jewellery, choose wisely! Remember, you're there on a date to fix his eye on you, not your amazing jewellery collection. Don't go overboard with the whole jewellery box, since this will confuse the date and dazzle him out the door! Less is more, a simple gold jewellery will do the trick and make you look graceful and truly beautiful.  


2. Match the venue or occasion

Get to know your venue! Your jewellery should be appropriate for where you are going. For instance, if you are invited to a five star fancy restaurant, then opt for glamorous jewellery to glam up your look. If you don't want to feel out of place, keep in mind that the jewellery you select should either complement the surroundings or give you an edge. Choose the best jewellery combination to accent your outfit and draw your date's attention to you!


3. Accenture the positive in you

No one is perfect. We all have weaknesses and limitations, but everyone will have their own unique feature! All you need to do is just accentuate or highlight your best features. For example, if you have beautiful facial features, a pair of stunning earrings will be ideal. Likewise, a beautiful or fashionable necklace will draw attention to your slender graceful neck, or a gorgeous bracelet will call attention to your lovely hands.


4. Let your personality shine

True beauty is the beauty from within. Being attractive is about more than just physical traits, a beautiful personality can make someone more charismatic. Your date will undoubtedly prefer you to be more like you. Confidence is key for any date. Pick a jewellery set to assure your highest level of confidence, and avoid wearing jewellery that you would not normally wear. Trust us, your date will definitely admire your style!


5. Turn on the color

Simply answer "Yes" and add some color to your style with gemstone jewellery to make it more lively! The right pop of color can elevate and brighten up any look; all you need to do is just decide what sorts of vibes that you want to give off. Consider the ruby if you want to appear passionate and affectionate while the green sapphire is a great option to exude youth and freshness!

Well, that’s all the five tips for you to get prepared for your date! So, get ready and enjoy! Good luck!