Diamonds have long been a symbol of love and commitment. Hemera, the most brilliant diamond with 101 facets, is a true reflection of perfection with its superior light performance. Hemera 101 cut is patented in Antwerp, Belgium.

A reflection of perfection

Diamonds have long been a symbol of love and commitment. Now, it can also be a symbol of perfection with the HEMERA diamond. One could opt for a generic round diamond which possesses 57 facets. But why settle for 57 facets when you can now astound the object of your affection with 101 facets? Now, that’s what we describe as being sparkles ahead.

The beautiful name, HEMERA, translates to 'goddess" of daylight' in Greek and just as the name suggests, the gorgeous HEMERA diamond is poised to lift any gloom with its unique brand of perfection.

HEMERA 101 facets

Generic round brilliant diamonds with 57 facets

Only the top craftsmen and experienced master cutters can produce the dazzling HEMERA. It takes an extremely rare ability to be able to position the facets of 101 cuts, and at the same time, ensure superior polish, symmetry and cut. Of course, to achieve such perfection takes time. Producing one beautiful HEMERA diamond is equivalent to producing three triple excellent brilliant diamonds. Triple excellence refers to the diamond being superior in polish, symmetry and proportion.

Once you set your eyes on a 101-facet diamond, your heart will yearn for nothing more than the exquisite HEMERA diamond.



A superior diamond in three important ways

With its 101 facets, the HEMERA diamond is certainly a cut above, and beyond! The HEMERA diamond's cut outshines the rest in three ways.


A generous amount of light reflects from the diamond, which ensures that the HEMERA diamond is hard to miss wherever its wearer goes.


The perfect dispersion of light enchants all who dare to look at its crisp spectrum of colour.


It’s the unmistakable glint that shines and warrants attention at every corner, just like that sparkle in one’s eye when they’re first introduced to the HEMERA diamond.



Shines ahead

In a 'Diamond Light Performance' test, the HEMERA diamond showed exemplary results on Brilliance, Sparkle and Fire. So, if you are looking to impress, then you should seek for one of the best cuts a diamond could showcase. The name to behold is indeed the HEMERA diamond.


Diamond light performance comparison

The report is extracted from a comparison test between a 101-facet HEMERA diamond and the median or average of 57-facet diamonds of a similar carat size

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