Although a diamond may be a girl’s best friend, most diamonds are not at all friendly to one's pocket. That is why D’first® Diamond is so unique – it is truly a luxury, but an affordable luxury; where matchless beauty, quality and luxury meld together to give you the diamond of your dreams and desire.

For the young woman committed to her profession or starting out on the corporate ladder, D’first® Diamond is the perfect gift for herself, a well-deserved reward for all the hard work and late nights on the job. And when it comes to celebrating a young lady’s achievements and the special occasions in her life, look no further than D’first® Diamond. Imagine the awe and happiness on her face when presented with her very first diamond on her 18th birthday, on her graduation day, or the time when she gives her first solo piano recital. The occasions are simply limitless. Of course, it is also the perfect gift to commemorate a special relationship, a brilliant seal to the bond of love.


D’first® Diamond has a triple excellent cut and a perfect cut of 57 facets while an 8 hearts and 8 arrows pattern completes this exquisite gem of sublime symmetry. All D’first® Diamonds are certified by International Gemological Institute, IGI.

A treasure beyond compare, D’first® Diamond heralds a young woman’s entrance into the beauty and enchantment of diamond adornment and ownership. D’first® Diamond is her first delight – for the time has come for her to shine!

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