Be Raya Ready: Gold Jewellery Under RM 5,000

Hey, the month of Ramadan is here again, and it's marking the start of Raya 2022! Are you still wrecking your brains over the best Hari Raya gift ideas for your partner?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered with these stunning, gorgeous and oh-so-wearable gold jewellery that are below RM 5,000. Trust us, she will appreciate and be swooning at the first sight!


1. The Eternity Anggun Hibiscus That Never Wilt Away

Do you know how to impress the girl of your dreams? Gift her some beautiful flowers. Yes, that’s all!! It’s hard to find a girl that would turn down the chance of receiving the gold flower, which will never wilt. When she receives such a beautiful hibiscus pendant as a surprise, it brings a smile to her face immediately and creates a wow moment.


2. Uncover Her Femininity with a Dangling Anggun Alamanda Bracelet

Love and appreciation can also be expressed through gifts. What will excite anyone other than the fact that there is someone who loves them? You can be sure that your loved one will feel much appreciated when she see this stunning yellow bell flower bracelet glinting on her wrist!


3. Light Up Her Wrist with the Anggun Charms Collection

A gleaming piece of jewellery that surely brighten her day! The Karya Anggun charms collection such as cucur udang, mangosteen, durian, and ketupat, is a great way to add a little Malaysian flair to her look. Oh! Don't forget about the SYOK charm, which represents our Malaysian slang!


4. Complete Her Look with the Lovely Tranz Earrings

Compared to many other pieces of jewellery, earrings are a particularly straight-forward gift. Compared to ring, which the exact size has to be determined, earrings always fit. Give her this lovely earring from the Tranz Love Series, which features a stunning array of florals, to express your undying love for her.


5. Add a Pop of Fresh Melur Flower on Her Finger

Getting flowers from someone you care about is always a treat. Wrap her finger in flowers and give her these adorable Melur rings as a thoughtful and loving gift she deserve to make her feel young and fresh once again! With the three different sizes, it’s entirely up to her if she wants to wear one, two or more on her fingers!


6. The Ultimate Tropical Bloom on Her Finger with Bunga Raya Ring

Imagine her surprise and smiley face when she discovers the ring! The intricately designed Bunga Raya Ring will undoubtedly brighten up her finger and is a great way to assist her in achieving a glamorous look in the Raya photo!


7. Add Some Shine to Her Look wth the Anggun Love Pendant

It's important that you do things that will make your partner feel loved and appreciated! A heart-shaped pendant with a meaningful love message will undoubtedly be the best romantic gifts for her in this Raya 2022!


As the Raya fever is upon us, it’s time for you to show your compassion, gratitude and a little love to your loved one with these bling bling jewellery. Thank you for your time!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Happy Holidays! See ya!