6 Best Christmas Jewellery Gifts under RM 1,000

When the bell starts to ring, the lights are up, Christmas trees are seen, you know it's the joyful gifting season! Many loved ones to give to? No worries, to make your shopping easy, we have listed some stunning pieces with great value for money, since everyone deserves a little sparkle! Also, not to forget that you deserve to reward yourself with a beautiful jewellery piece! So, without further ado, here we go!

1. The Sparkling Key Pendant

Throughout history, the key pendants are believed to represent freedom and a bright future ahead. It’s the time for you to give to your loved one a most exquisite key-shaped pendant that will leave her beaming from ear to ear.  


2. The Royal Crown Pendant

Make this Christmas one she will always remember by putting a crown pendant on her neckline. With a pink diamond in the centre, this gorgeous crown pendant has a royal yet charming effect, making it the ideal choice for her everyday wear.


3. The Sparkling Butterfly Ring

A butterfly's presence is always a sign of blessing and good luck. A sweet little gift and a reminder of love, a stunning yellow gold butterfly ring that may add on a nature-inspired flair to her daily wardrobe. Additionally, it has a sweet symbol when you offer your sweetheart a butterfly as it signifies that you have vowed to remain together forever and she is as beautiful as this delicate butterfly in your eyes!


4. The Stackable Gold Ring

Without a shadow of doubt, Christmas is a festive season, one where all of us will get dressed up and enjoy the party night! What else will be ideal while the glasses are clinking? Obviously a stylish ring! These stackable gold rings are ideal for parties because they look great on any finger! It's time to raise your fashion temperature to new heights with these simple yet affordable gold rings!


5. The Minimalist Gold Earrings

Some friends are always there, and always have your back? A staple pair of hoops will be the best for them as they are the only people who listen to you and give you a big hug when you need. Meanwhile, it makes the ideal minimalist earrings for everyday use that complement any ensemble. Surprise and show them your affection with this classic yet trendy gold earrings that will never go out of style this holiday season!


6. The Symbolic Cross Pendant

Jewellery can also be the ideal romantic gift for a lovely couple to enjoy this festive season! Consider a symbolic cross pendant for both of you as it not only represents the meaning of hope and faith, but also the symbol of love and protection for your loved one.


This Christmas, show your love and appreciation for the special someone in your life. Whether it is your friends, girlfriend, wife, or your mum, a beautiful piece of jewellery would make them feel cherished and be an unforgettable joyful night!