• LeapMonth 2017

Leap Month 2017

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, 2017 is a year of dual spring with a leap month, thus regarded as an auspicious year. ‘Dual Spring’ refers to lichun (the beginning of Spring) which occurs twice in the Year of the Rooster i.e. on the 7th day of the first month and the 19th day of the twelfth month.

As the Chinese calendar is 11 days shorter than the Western (Gregorian) calendar, a leap month is added every three years on average to compensate the difference. Come July 23rd, 2017, we will once again observe this auspicious month.

According to Chinese custom, gifting gold to parents and elders during the Lunar Leap Month increases the receiver’s longevity and prosperity. Following this tradition, children gift their parents with gold jewellery as a symbol of filial piety to repay and bless them. In addition, it also strengthens the ties among siblings when they come together and chip in to buy gold jewellery for their beloved parents. Apart from that, gifting gold to oneself and the younger generation is also a good practice to preserve the value of your money as well as an auspicious practice that signifies fortune, bliss and peace.

This tradition has stood the test of time, and till today many Chinese families continue to follow this auspicious practice. ‘Dual Spring’ also symbolizes "bliss in two" and spring is a season when nature renews itself. Thus, dual spring is also an auspicious time for weddings and welcoming a newborn into the family. Buying and gifting gold jewellery during this propitious period is believed to attract even more good fortune and blessings to the giver and receiver.


闰月送金饰给长辈如父母及公公婆婆,不仅有“添福添寿保吉祥”或“闰月金饰润月戴,润月好运自然来”的吉利象征,更是彰显孝心的做法,而兄弟姐妹合买送长辈,也能维系手足之情,这种华人的优良习俗值得代代相传;至于买给后辈或自己,保值得来又具有补运、添福气、保平安的寓意。另一方面,双春也具有 “逢双见喜” 的意思,例如新人成婚喜爱“成双成对”,而“春天”是万物复苏、繁衍生息的季节,“双春年”就成了喜上加喜、结婚生子的大好年份,今年成婚者乘闰月期间(7月23日至8月21日)购买首饰,可更添好运,千万别错过时机啰!

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